"I was trained by one astrologer, had a few classes with another, had maybe a dozen readings, but since your reading, my chart and the general principles stand out for me like never before. More than ever it's apparent that I can truly use it as a map of my soul. It gives sense to my insanity." - Alex Yourke, NYC

"I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment as what you have said has struck so many chords, but I think you get the idea that I am indeed pleased, awestruck, and truly grateful that our paths crossed." - C.S., Taos NM

""Again, thank you so much for a very satisfying, revealing and clarifying reading. I could not feel more supported by your directness and clarity and perspective. I am truly grateful." - R.J., NYC

"(Bee's) Dreamwalks are like a journey into a dream of the soul, but with an alert and compassionate companion to help identify the landscape and features... she helps bring repressed internal voices and feelings to expression in a safe environment." - A.Y, NYC









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About Astrology

About astrology

Astrology is a complex multilayered language of symbols. The natal chart and transits to it are a rich source of information in that language as well as an ongoing relevant conversation that takes place on an archetypal level.

What we customarily call the 'real world' is in fact only a small fraction of the actual world that exists independent of--and far beyond the scope of--our perception.

Phillip K. Dick: Reality is that which refuses to go away, whether or not you believe in it.

Astrology provides an accurate, evolving and ever-more-useful map of that encompassing reality and of our role in it. Astrology is not static, however, but ever-changing, evolving and interactive. In modern terms, Astrology is both personal software and a universal programming language.

Astrology is a fluid language. Unlike science, which focuses on the objective measurable aspects of reality, astrology is subjective. Point of view is everything. The natal chart is a blueprint of each person's position in time and space at the precise moment of emergence into separate existence. Astrology is made of patterns; like mathematics, like music, astrology must be beautiful to be truthful.

Astrology inspires the mind to conceive great thoughts: about change, evolution, magic, the timing of great events. The study of astrology hints at deep wells of emotion and vast fields of being. To open to the study of your own natal chart is to expand your perception of yourself and your own limits, and begin to unlock your true potential.

Why Astrology works remains a mystery, but that it works is easily proved: have your chart read. Skeptic or not, Astrology will, as Johannes Kepler said, "compel unwilling belief."


Natal Readings: The natal chart is a map of an individual's history, preferences, gifts & talents, personality, dark side, hidden powers, still-smarting wounds--and a clear, specific blueprint for actualization.

  • $175 for full reading including current transits (2 hours)
  • $100 for short reading without transits (1 hour)

Multi-Person Readings: Couples, Family, Group or Business Partnership

  • $200 for full recorded reading (2 hours, including synastry, composite and chart comparison)

Yearly Updates:  Transits, progressions, and Solar Return

  • $175 in-depth
  • $100 one-hour

For any astrological reading, we require date, place and time of your birth, which you can submit on the Contact page.

New! 15 minute readings, 'short and sweet'

  • $30

Due to popular demand, I am now offering fifteen minute astrology readings! These little gems are short, sweet and to the point; it’s amazing how much information I can pack into such a short time. You can always get the full two hour reading later, if you like.

No appointment necessary, I will send the reading to you. Send date, place and time of birth via the Contact page.

Don't know your birth time?
























Dreamwalking is a way to access your inner world and make changes that can directly affect your life, health and personal fulfillment. Using gentle guided visualization, grounded understanding and attunement, Bee will facilitate you relating to your inner selves.

We begin with a deep grounding meditation to help you feel your body from the inside. When you are solidly aware of your physical matrix (heartbeat, sensations, spatial orientation), the journey begins. You will enter the vast and complex world contained in your own skin, experiencing the various parts of your personality as vivid characters that you can talk to and develop a relationship with.

Science has shown that the brain cannot tell the difference between experiences that are dreamed, imagined or are actually happening. From the standpoint of consciousness, experiences that you dream or imagine are every bit as real as the things that you experience in outer 'reality.' What happens within you matters.

In Dreamwalks, you can negotiate solutions to problems, remember and understand past lives, resolve long-standing issues, release blocked gifts and more. A series of six or more sessions is recommended for permanent healing of deep issues, but even a single session can having astonishing results in changing even long-standing dysfunctional patterns.

  • $175 single session; $120 per session for a series of 6 or more.

Dreamwalks are not time bounded, as it is better to allow the experience to complete itself naturally. A deep process can go as long as three hours though that is rare. Normally sessions are between 90 minutes and 2 hours.

We recommend that you not schedule activities that require your attention to be focused outside yourself for at least two hours after a Dreamwalk. It is best to take some time to rest and integrate the experience.

Don't know your birth time?

Using Dreamwalking, I can help you journey to the moment of your birth and discover the time. Many successful natal analyses have been performed using this method.

After the initial grounding meditation (approximately 15 to 20 minutes), you are guided to visualize a door that opens into the room in which you were born. You enter and discover the time; it is always obvious. These short sessions can be amazingly profound and healing, as you reconnect with your infant self and with your mother

  • $60 for an approximately 30 minute session
  • $30 if required for an EarthMatrix astrology reading























Card Readings

Card readings available in person on Hornby Island, over the phone, on Skype or Facetime.

Bee works with 4 decks of cards, one for each of the elements (fire, earth, air, water). These are the two Brian Froud Faeries' Oracles, the Vision Quest Tarot and the Spiral Path Oracle (designed and painted by Bee herself). These cards are all not only beautiful but very clear and direct as possible. Every reading unfolds a coherent, cohesive story that is accurate and relevant to its moment in time.

Please note: a card reading cannot forecast the future perfectly. The future is ever in flux; while the timing and general nature of great events can be accurately pinpointed, specific events are random and cannot always be described. Trends and likelihoods are accurately foreseen, however, and every new choice you make will open up new possibilities that did not exist in a previous moment.

A card reading is most helpful in deciding what is the best choice to make. To tell one's fortune really means, to discover where one's luck, or fortune, lies. The cards tell the story of where your fortune is located in this moment. It may lie within, in the depths of memory and emotion; it may lie without, in decisive and focused action, or any of a myriad in between states. Every card reading tells a new, personally relevant and useful story.

  • $60.00: 1/2 hour
  • $100.00: 1 hour:

    Special rates apply at farmer's markets and spirit fairs

Card Parties / Group Readings:

Fun and enlightening! Perfect for girl's night out, a family gathering or group of open-minded friends. The group sits in a circle; cards are dealt to everyone and participants contribute to the interpretion of each others' cards. These group sessions bring friends, family or even strangers together and can facilitate both deep understanding and high hilarity.

  • $30.00 / person: groups of up to eight
  • $25.00 / person: groups of more than eight


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