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Occupy the control center of your life

Do you feel a strong sense of urgency but lack proper guidance for informed decision making? There are so many conflicting sources of answers. How can anyone know which is right?

There is a way! There are resources available to meet your needs. The EarthMatrix system of astrology and divination is grounded, provable to your own satisfaction and reflects reality according to your practical experience.

EarthMatrix Astrology was rigorously developed over twenty-five years to make mathematical sense: it obeys laws of symmetry and balance: 12 planets, 12 signs,12 houses. In addition to astrology, Dreamwalking and EarthMatrix card readings provide a full set of tools to aid you in your evolutionary growth.

We offer several modalities to suit your current needs and preferences. We are pleased to negotiate custom readings and rates to work together to find flexible solutions to your needs. 

There has never been a better time to learn about yourself, your children, your gifts & life issues, your relationships, your destiny path. The world is going through profound paradigm shifts right now. Your future hangs in the balance according to the choices you make today.

You may not learn all the secrets of the Universe, but you can develop happier, more flowing, more magical experiences and relationships.

Let Us Help You

      • Improve circumstances
      • Manage crises and make better choices
      • Increase self-acceptance
      • Decrease stress
      • Improve relationships
      • Facilitate personal and soul evolution.
      • Know your true needs and talents
      • Remove obstacles
      • Improve the accuracy of your perceptions
      • Develop your psychic skills
      • Free yourself from inhibitions
      • Maximize your human potential


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