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Daily card reading: be tender with yourself

Card reading: New growth, tender and fresh, must be tended and cared for. This card was drawn in the reversed position, which indicates that this new growth is inside you. Feel for a new opening, some kind of vulnerability, perhaps inner…

Daily card reading: beginner’s mind

Card reading: when your mind is fresh and open, you see things in a new way. This clarity of perception and thought allow for new insights that can help you to move forward and break through logjams or problems that…

Daily card reading: oh you sexy beast

Card reading: mmmyes, the sap is rising, and you are feeling it, heating your blood and awakening primal urges. As the earth underfoot warms and the green things come to life, so your own body is awakening, coming to life…

Daily card reading: change happens

Card reading: You are undergoing a major change, one that brings your body to life and fits you snugly into the place you belong on this Earth–into your senses, this moment, here and now. In the past, you have spent most…

Daily card reading: on a mission

Card reading: You are focused and purposeful, on a mission, moving forward without distractions. But is that a good thing? Too much focus can separate you from your surroundings. In the card, the Elven Knight is riding through dense lush jungle,…

Daily card reading: fresh inspiration!

Card reading: It is a time for new beginnings and fresh inspiration. The fire element is life force, energy, motivation and creative inspiration, and the ace suggests that the restart button has been pressed. Something new is sparked, something exciting…

Daily card reading: oh, THAT Gnome!

Card reading: Sometimes random accidents befall us, but in hindsight they seem to be purposeful and to our benefit. Who is responsible for such? Oh… that Gnome! That Gnome is a trickster, but he is a beneficent one who has your…

Daily card reading: poignantly pregnant

Something amazing is developing in secret

Daily card reading: The ‘pregnant’ card is not meant to be taken literally. Something is growing inside you, something new and potentially wonderful that will change your life in ways you can’t imagine. It takes time, however, and there is no rushing the process. Emergence takes its own time.

It is not a comfortable process, though you may feel a kind of bliss amidst feeling full, dense and heavy. You feel weighted with significance but likely lack a clear sense of exactly what is happening.

This card was drawn in its reversed position, which suggests that what you are experiencing a consequence of a past careless action rather than conscious intention.

This is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad,’ but you will have to wait as long as it takes before the results become manifest. This is a card of eventual joy, provided you are able to accept and embrace the reality coming into being. For the present, simply deal with the feelings as you go.

Aries New Moon: Daily card reading


The Queen of Owls – brings healing & blessing

A whisper of Divine Grace brings healing, blessing & release now. Trust can be born from mistrust when we expose, express and fully inhabit our pain while simultaneously opening to help from outside ourselves.

Help will come when you least expect it when you really open to your true vulnerability. Release the need to control the situation; you don’t have to be strong all the time. Know that you are safe, even as you accept your feelings of pain and fear and allow them to vibrate in your body.

You have a direct line to all the help you need right now. It needn’t come from another person or institution, though it can, if that is the direction of hope for you. Help can emerge from your own centre, rising like life into a void, rescuing you from your plight. This is true empowerment.

Note: I have been posting daily single-card readings on social media for a couple of months now, rotating between decks of cards each day. As the Aries New Moon is today, an auspicious time for new beginnings, I am sharing these mini readings with my blog audience. I hope you enjoy them.