November Horoscope column

November's beauty

November’s beauty

Down-to-Earth Astrology
by Bee Wolf Ray

Humans are complex and cannot be reduced to twelve separate categories. For best results, read this column holistically, as if every sign pertained to some aspect of yourself (as it does).

 November Horoscope

 Some beautiful and amazing openings are possible this month, as the darkness outside increases but the light perseveres in our hearts. We have a lot to celebrate, and also a lot to fear! Emotions are tender, reality seems more frightening than ever. Certain conclusions appear inescapable, and emotionally we are prepared to believe the worst.

At the same time, our collective attitude is extremely positive and can-do, you might even say, ‘gung-ho’. We’re ready for change and willing to take big risks as we forge ahead to create a new and hopefully better future. We have to find balance now between our fears and optimism.

There is nothing wrong with fear! Don’t fear your fear; embrace it as you would a scared child. Bad things happen in the world; that is not an illusion. Terrible tragedies happen, even here. At the same time, amazing breakthroughs, possibilities and real changes happen all the time, and we are incredibly lucky, here in our sheltered corner of the world. It’s all true. It’s okay to contain the full spectrum of possibility.

Aries: You are blessed, moving forward, feet on the ground, with love in your heart and luck on your side. You are ready to make a paradigm shift, but take it in tiny steps, don’t rush.

Taurus: You are ready to do the work that feels best to you. Your skills are valuable to the world, your care, attention and perseverance are sharpened by diligent attention to detail.

Gemini:  You are listening and sharing in the ways you love; you love with your thoughts, you question with your heart, you grow. You are an integral part of the big world.

Cancer: You feel the depths now, not frightened quite, but intensely aware. Dragons exist, they are your friends (if you dare). Remember your past, integrate with the cosmos, feel the truth.

Leo: It’s all about you now, in a good way. You create because you must, it is your work. You contribute. Express yourself freely and exercise discipline in your art, it is worthy and true.

Virgo: You know the deep truth others deny, you feel it in your bones. There are no bad guys, the light in your heart shows you how it all fits together. Move forward with confidence.

Libra: You want something different. Love is important to you, yes, but ‘a relationship’ is less important than your personal search for truth. You are ready to join in a great work with others.

Scorpio:  You are vulnerable in a way you’re not used to. Emotions shift and your focus shifts with it. Power is less important, the truth matters more but you can’t tell quite what it is. Feel.

Sagittarius:  You remember how the parts fit together to make the big picture, but the pieces have changed. It’s time to release what you know and create a new cosmology for yourself.

Capricorn: You care more about helping others than your personal ambition. Meaning matters now; your idealism is growing. Reality will take care of itself; take time to explore.

Aquarius: You are drawn to other iconoclasts and discovering that you are not the only unique one around. Share your ideas and thoughts, listen to how others think and be in love.

Pisces: The collective wound impinges on your dreamstate. You feel persecuted, but it is your own body that speaks. Listen to the truth, make changes as needed, cry as much as you can.

Astrologer Bee Wolf-Ray lives on Hornby Island and reminds you that horoscopes columns are for fun.  She is available for real readings via Skype or in person.

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