Blog news & happy Equinox

IMG_7483-Edit-3Hello dear Earthmatrix-friendlies, there have been a number of changes since the last time I posted here so I thought I’d get you up to speed.

First, I had to revamp the look of the blog a bit, as my theme updated and forced me to change a lot of things, such as the size of the header photo.

I have stopped the daily card readings; we had a good run there, didn’t we? Until the site crashed, I rarely missed a day. Now I’m ready to move on to something else. And that brings me to my big news.

I have been asked to start an astrological advice column over on Love to Know blogs; you can find the introductory post here.

Here’s an excerpt:

Introduction to Star Sense – Ask the Astrologer

As a professional astrologer, I am often asked to write horoscope columns. In fact, I do write for a couple local papers, but writing horoscopes is too easy! I want to help real people with their real problems. That is why I do the work I do. When LoveToKnow invited me to do a horoscope column, I proposed instead to write an advice column using astrology. They liked the idea as much as I do, so here we go read more

I hope you enjoy it; I will be posting a lot more there, and you can access the postings from here as well.

Happy Equinox! And there is a Blood Moon coming up this weekend. Big changes are in the air.

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