Daily card reading: indecision


Deck: Faeries Oracle

Card reading: Indi

Indi is having a terrible time making his mind up between two options. They both seem so attractive! They are different, but he can see reasons why each choice might be the best option for him. Poor Indi!

Indi provides a challenge, which is, feel what you really want. There is always a choice that feels better than the other–even if the difference is subtle. Not deciding can be the same as deciding, because life moves on, and change happens. Life waits for no one.

Indi wants you to make the best possible decision for yourself. But stressing and fretting, figuring it out, making lists of pros and cons, will not result in the best choice. It would be better to flip a coin than to figure it out. Just decide, and whatever you choose will turn out to be fine.


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