Daily card reading: inner vision

3rd Eye Chakra - Indigo

Deck: Spiral Path (handpainted)

Card reading: 6th Chakra: Indigo

Today, let yourself settle your awareness inside your body. Instead of looking outward to see what’s going on inside you, try turning your gaze inward to the eye of imagination.

The root of ‘imagine’ is the same as the root of ‘magic’. In truth, imagination and clairvoyance are essentially the same function. The feel is similar to children playing pretend. ‘Just pretend, and you will be doing it,’ my psychic teacher used to say. Imaginary things have a reality, and a realness, of their own.

Take some time to enjoy your inner visions without worrying about what they mean. They don’t need to mean anything at all. Breathe into the centre of your head and let your mind expand.


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The Spiral Path deck is my own design; the cards are handpainted and unique.



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