Daily card reading: at home in your skin

Queen of Hearth and Home

Deck: Heart of Faerie Oracle

Card reading: Queen of Hearth and Home

Home, sweet home. Every creature has its den, every being has a home, a place to rest, nest and belong. The Queens are the Trumps of this deck. This Queen peeks over the challenging mask she wears, which glows with a hearth fire. “You know where you belong,” she reminds you. “Know yourself; be there.”

And when She appears, you are there, in the sweet spot in the centre of your universe, settled into your right and proper home. It might be a cabin, a mansion, or bounded by your own skin. You may sleep under trees and wander the world and still carry home around with you, as sure and certain as any suburb dweller. When you are at home in yourself, others feel at home with you; alone or in company, you belong.


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