Daily card reading: giving and receiving

The Laume

Deck: the Faeries Oracle

Card reading: The Laume

The Laume is here to teach you about giving and receiving–without conditions, which is a lot harder than it seems. Giving and receiving in this culture are tied up with a heavy subconscious weight of expectation, obligation and guilt, so practicing simple giving and receiving (in small ways to start) is a profound exercise in growth.

What sorts of expectations to you have of yourself, what you ‘should’ be giving, what you ‘deserve’ to receive? Do you feel you deserve to receive only in exact proportion to what you’ve already given? Do you pressure yourself to give what you don’t feel like giving so that you will feel entitled to receive what others don’t feel like giving? Are you trapped in a web of expectation, stimulus & response?

Wake up to your habits and patterns around giving and receiving today. There is a balance to be found.


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