Daily card reading: shine your light

The Star

Deck: The Spiral Path (handpainted)

Card reading: The Star

Today, the light of your own attention streams outward in all directions. There is so much to see and celebrate in this world of wonders and mundane miracles! Even the small things are fascinating when you notice them. And when you notice everything, it notices you. Shining your light allows yourself to be seen.

‘Light’ means, awareness, information, consciousness. When you pay attention, you are shining light on whatever it is you are focused on. The Star pays full attention to self, and then streams the light of that attention outward, to include self and others, who have little choice but to applaud and appreciate, because pure light of this nature is irresistible. Innocent, childlike, enthusiastic and irrepressible, the Star says, this is a good day.


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The Spiral Path deck is my own design; the cards are handpainted and unique.







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