Daily card reading: deep solitude

The Hermit

Deck: The Vision Quest Tarot

Card reading: The Hermit

This card suggests that you need time alone with yourself, preferably in nature. In this modern world of technological distractions, it’s hard to spend much time away from our glowing screens, but today, try. Today, the Moon is full, and your spirit longs to ride the sky, detached and aloof, eyes shuttered, attention balanced within yourself and the vast world around you.

Our attention has become co-opted by trivia, inundated by irrelevancies, confused by contradictory information and well meant advice, but in order to feed our souls, we need silence. Silence within, and silence without. So do spend some time in the quiet, even if that takes earplugs to achieve. Listen to your own heartbeat. If possible, find a place of peace, where birdsong and the breeze in the trees provides the soundtrack. Emerge refreshed.


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