Daily card reading: cleansing tears

wpid-20150729_110323-1.jpgCard reading: Tohaira of the Waters

This faerie is hear to teach you of the cleansing and healing properties of tears. The waters flow through Tohaira’s hands, muddy at first, then clear and sparkling. When Tohaira comes near, your bottom lip begins to quiver and before you know it, you are sobbing into mommy’s lap.

Tohaira is gentle and comforting, always. These tears soften and heal. When this faerie whispers in your ear, don’t fear her. She bestows the most wondrous of gifts, that of sweet healing tears. Allow them to flow until they stop naturally; let their healing power wash through you for as long as possible. Once you have stopped, be still, just breathe. You have been visited by a healing miracle.


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