Daily card reading: taking space

The Sanctum

Deck: Spiral Path (original handpainted)

Card reading: The Sanctum

We all need to get away from it all sometimes, but we don’t always have a place to go–or so we think. Actually, there is a special place, a perfectly private sanctuary we can retreat to at any moment, and that is where this card is directing you.

It’s inside your body. Within the bounds of your skin, you are perfectly alone and in charge. In this sacred sanctum, you can clear any trace of others’ stories, perceptions and preferences for you. Everything in your skin is private. You are the sovereign of your inner world.

Take some time today to close your eyes and breathe into your body. Imagine yourself located in your belly. Know that this is your domain, your castle. Occupy it fully.


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The Spiral Path deck is my own design; the cards are handpainted and unique.

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