Daily card reading: what goes around

The Returning

Deck: Heart of Faerie Oracle

Card reading: The Returning

The cyclic and repeating nature of earthly existence is highlighted by this card. We reach the end of the journey only to find that we have come back around to where we started from, though we cast a longer shadow and see farther than before. We have grown.

We grow, we change, we learn. And still, our life’s patterns play out in cyclic fashion. This is a spiraling path, like the path out from the centre of a labyrinth. This territory is familiar because it is where you started from, but there is no denying that you have learned much on the journey. One thing you have learned is that endings equal beginnings.

Something is ending now, and something new is beginning, which resembles the old thing but isn’t–quite. Welcome to the labyrinth.

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