Daily card reading: finding your ground

The Four of Earth

Deck: Vision Quest Tarot

Card reading: the Four of Earth

Today, feel the ground underfoot. Feel also the ground within your own being. This is where you feel secure, solid, unshakable. When you are well grounded, nothing can threaten your position in the world, in your body, in your life. Take some time to sit quietly and breathe into your centre, letting yourself settle more firmly into your flesh. This body is you; you and your body are one. Know that now.

When you find your true ground, you will have a place to land and settle safely, to get a respite from the whirlwind of modern life. Quiet contemplation bears fruit today, not ideas but sensations, a solid awareness of your own existence. Now you know you exist and you are right to exist. Here you are, now.


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