Daily card reading: what was lost is found

Ilbe the Retriever

Deck: Faeries Oracle

Card reading: Ilbe the Retriever

This faerie is a helper. He loves to find what we lost and return it to us. He doesn’t expect thanks, but he is faithful and committed to his work. If you are trying to forget something or leave it behind, Ilbe’s tenacity may be disconcerting. If he feels that whatever you are trying to lose rightfully belongs with you, he will be relentless in retrieving it, just like an eager dog with a favourite ball.

If things you had believed lost are returning to you now, Ilbe is likely at work in your life. If what you lost was precious to you, Ilbe will make you happy. The things he retrieves are often physical, but not necessarily. You might find yourself reconnecting with lost parts of your personality, lost skills, interests, desires, even memories. In either case, if Ilbe retrieves it for you, it is yours.


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