Daily card reading: inner authority


Deck: Vision Quest Tarot

Card reading: Grandfather

Grandfather represents the solid ground of tradition and the wisdom of experience. Sometimes he comes to us through other people, wise and authoritative people, who convince us to listen to them through the force of their personality. This is helpful when you are feeling powerless and in need of advice from without.

It is more empowering to find your inner authority and learn to stand your ground and speak your truth. Take a moment, and sit quietly. Listen to your breath, and quiet your mind so that you can listen to your own deep knowing. It will come slowly, and it is quiet, so you need to pay attention. When it comes, though, it will feel solid and true. Grandfather knows best, and when you find that wisdom within, you know best for yourself. It takes a kind of humility toward yourself. You are more than you have been led to believe.


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