Daily card reading: music has charms

The Piper

Deck: Faeries Oracle

Card reading: The Piper

The music of the Piper can’t always be heard with the external ear. It is a feeling, a harmony that stirs the soul and makes you want to move, to travel, to follow the feeling as far as it can go. This is intoxicating music! The pipes come from far away, over the boundary of Faerie, and it contains an invitation that is very hard to refuse.

Still, it behooves you to take care and to make sure you stay on the path. Keep your eyes open, avoid getting lost. Faerie is wondrous, a twilit land of magic and mist, presided over by a permanently full moon. Colours are brighter there, emotions run stronger and pleasures are more fulfilling. Why not live there? Why not stay?

You might, but it’s a decision not to be made lightly. Your body still has to manage here in the mundane world, you have physical needs to take care of. Society makes its demands and Faerie, for now, can only beckon. Still the Piper calls, offering you a glimpse into the heart of magic.


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