Daily card reading: passion for life

LustCard reading: Lust

Lust can mean a lot of things. The image on this card is explicitly sexual, but sex is not the only kind of lust. When you lust, you engage intensely, so much so that you have no room in your mind to notice anything else except the thing you are engaged with.

This is not the lust of the bible, so deadly sinful; it is the intense consuming passion you experience pumping toward orgasm, or writing a song, or immersed in the dance, or completing an art piece (when the spirit of Art is upon you), or singing with a full heart, or playing a video game when we finally pass the hard level, or playing a sport when we are really ‘on’ at our personal best. There are so many things that can engage our deep lustful passions! And today, you get to find your own path to passion. This can transform your life, if you have not yet found your outlet. Perhaps it’s sex. Whatever it is, it is pure pleasure.


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