Daily card reading: the feminine side

The Lady of the Forest

Deck: Heart of Faerie Oracle

Card reading: Lady of the Forest

The Lady of the Forest is the feminine side of nature. Locked in embrace with the Lord of the Forest, their union makes the forest manifest. The Lady encourages you to own your feminine side, your soft and vulnerable receptive emotional core. This aspect of our selves does not like to be out front in public. Our inner masculine sides assert our identities while she watches from the trees, feeling and sensing and prompting us with her deep feminine wisdom.

The Lady does not exist as an individual, singular self; she is half of a whole, including the Lord. But this card today indicates that the feminine side needs to be given some power and attention. Honour your intuition, allow your soft self to stretch. Notice other feminine selves peeking at you through the eyes of others today. Man or woman, we all have both these archetypes in us. Allowing them to live in balance within will bring manifest change and growth into our lives.


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