Daily card reading: expansive play

The Big BehindCard reading: The Big Behind

This faerie is having a lot of fun, tumbling through life, enjoying it from all angles and points of view. She doesn’t care at all what the world thinks of the size of her behind, though she isn’t deliberately flaunting it either. It doesn’t occur to her that another’s perspective on her, or her behind, should matter in the slightest.

The Big Behind loves to view her life as a whole, past, present and future all included. She turns herself upside down, she positions herself sideways, she comes up with all sorts of new and creative ways to examine herself and her life. And she loves it! She celebrates the joy of having lived, of having had experiences, the good and bad all become amazing when viewed through her eyes. When you let the Big Behind play with your life, you become amazing, too–in your own eyes, where it matters.


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