Daily card reading: quick thinking

Son of AirCard reading: Son of Air

This card suggests today that your quick mind (and tongue) may get you in trouble. When the mouth moves more quickly than the heart, feelings can be hurt and misunderstandings propagate. Today–remember to breathe. Slow down your mind, it can spiral out of control and spin your thoughts into forms you would not consciously intend.

The Son of Air is reckless and young, in the air element of mind; perception, interpretation and communication. When we speak flippantly or heedlessly, as the Son of Air is wont to do, we may not be prepared for the damage control to follow, in re-weaving the bonds in our relationships.

A single misspoken sentence can cut to the quick. Sticks and stones hurt our bodies, but words and named will hurt our hearts and souls. Today, breathe, let yourself know what you are saying, what it means, how it is likely to be heard. Use your discernment.


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