Daily card reading: love your innocence

The Maiden

Deck: the Faeries Oracle

Card reading: the Maiden

This sweet angel brings to you the gift of innocence. “Remember,” she whispers, “When you were like me?” Like this blessed little maiden, you were once as open to life as a flower is to the sun. Spontaneous, engaged and happy, you had not yet learned that life is difficult and that some people and situations are not to be trusted; nor had you yet been told that you were not worthy, or that you were not smart enough, or too intense, or whatever the particular labels you have carried like a burden through your adulthood.

Everyone seeks love, but few are open hearted enough to expect it so trustingly. When we do, love has no choice but to respond. The Maiden is here to remind you how to expect love again. Expectation, simple and clean, without demand or resentment at anticipated failure, contains powerful magic. Like a sweet child who trusts and expects fully to be loved, your heart is ready to open, just like a flower.


This is a sample of what you can expect from a card reading, using a single card. In a normal reading I use a minimum of twelve cards, read in layers. Contact me to find out how you can receive a reading in person or over Skype. Card readings are enlightening and fun!

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