Sagittarius Full Moon – rocking in the free world

Sag Full Moon 2015

Full Moon chart

Sagittarius Full Moon, June 2nd, 9:19 am PDT.

Sagittarius is all about the freedom, and with Sag ruler Jupiter in Leo in the first house of the Full Moon chart, this full moon will be a celebration of good vibes, free feelings and synchronicity.  With Pluto (in hard-line, rules-bound Capricorn) focalizing a Yod involving Mars and Jupiter, we might see active rebellion. Mars, as ruler of fiery ‘me first’ Aries, and on fire right now just coming out of conjunction with the Sun, won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. And it is traveling in a sextile aspect to its friend and ally, Jupiter in the Sun’s sign, Leo—yes, the force is strong with these two!

This Yod features a spectacularly tight quincunx between Mars and Pluto, a volatile aspect indeed. Pluto represents dark forces buried in the depths of the collective psyche, desires, emotions, and memories of death, the visceral experience of both peak states and horrors. As far as Pluto is concerned, there are no limits on what might happen. In Capricorn, the forces that impose the rules are running on terror of their own denials, and they are using our own denied power to control us.

Mars is an infantile force, ruling the very first sign of the Zodiac, where life bursts forth from the void to begin its existence fresh and new. To Mars, nothing else matters but me; in fact, it is the force of the self, the immediate goals and desires of the moment. The emotion triggered in Mars when thwarted is rage, explosive, impulsive and impossible to control. Yet, Pluto indicates that the oppressive forces are implacable in their clampdown.

There may be riots—more riots, that is—as the Spring triggered by the Uranus-Pluto square which is just now separating from its seventh and final hit in the past three years reaches a climax. These are times of change indeed. Watch for more outburst, explosions and uprisings of the people who seek a freedom they are more and more denied.

There will be other, smaller uprisings too—uprisings of the soul, upliftings and energizings and gatherings of people into groups to celebrate and enjoy the shared fruits of free will. It doesn’t have to mean anything in particular, just a feeling of expansion, but it feels so good. It’s time to talk about a revolution, and the thoughts and ideas generated now will propagate to feed the evolution of human consciousness.

On a personal level, let yourself breathe, open up to others, speak your mind, expand your parameters and stretch your limits. Notice the ways you oppress yourself, through habits of thought and action, things you enjoy that you just don’t do anymore even though they help you feel alive and free. Put on loud music, dance, and play.

It might be harder than you think, as Saturn’s position in Sagittarius serves as a bit of a governor, a link to the controller within you. We are all responsible for the forces that oppress us, they are a mirror of the ways that we deny ourselves. This Full Moon is an opportunity to notice, feel and express our will to live and vibrate as free beings. Bang the drum! Let your voice be heard in whatever ways feel best to you.

Writing is a fine thing, if you are feeling solitary but still want to join the party. That is what the Internet was invented for. The Sun’s position in Gemini in the eleventh (Aquarian) house suggests a time to share words, ideas, thoughts and dialogue. Write a poem or a song, don’t worry if it is bad or good. Share like a child, and ignore the critics. Give yourself the validation you need. Practice positive self talk. You are amazing! You are the best! You are awesome! Let yourself know it. If the voice in your head wants to tell you that you suck, tell it to go away. It will have to, because you are in charge of your own soul. Own yourself.


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