Astrology Q&A: every which way

natal chart of questionerQ: My astrology question is why do I not have an accurate sense of direction as some other people do? I cannot relate to maps- cannot tell up from down- not absolutely certain which hand is my left and which hand is my right? Is that a usual Cancer thing?

A: It is not a typically Cancer thing, but your chart (the image at the top) does explain it. A sense of direction, right to left, front to back, horizontal orientation, is the province of the Ascendant and Descendant together. These two angles show your relationship with the world around you, how you perceive it and relate to it, how you orient yourself in it.

The Ascendant is the opening through which you view your immediate surroundings, the people in it, and also yourself. You have Capricorn on your Ascendant; wherever Capricorn is found, you must struggle through difficulty.

The Descendant (opposite the Ascendant) represents an opening behind you, into your blind spot. You can only see the qualities embodied in the Descendant within the mirror of relationship. In fact, the seventh house (where the Descendant is located) is known as the House of Mirrors.

Your seventh house is unusually full, with Chiron, Sun, Mercury, Mars and Pluto located there, all in the deeply personal, subjective and emotional sign Cancer. You have a strong feeling of dependence (Cancer) in the area of finding your way around. In effect, you are groping your way through life backward, with your light (Sun) located in the one place you can’t see (the seventh house).

If you had a strong partner (the seventh house is the house of marriage) with whom you could safely merge identities, you possibly wouldn’t have this issue. But with Mars and Pluto also in the seventh house, you have a strong need to differentiate yourself from ‘the other’, your husband or partner. You need to maintain your own sense of self and individuality, even though you are very loyal at the same time (strong Cancer is very loyal).

Another factor is your Moon, the ruler of Cancer. Your Moon is in Gemini, the mutable air sign. Moon in Gemini can be easily confused. If the Moon were in a position of strength, your sense of direction might be stronger, but it would be more of a feeling than a knowing. You might instinctively be able to find your way around. But your Gemini Moon in the sixth house is a relatively weak place for the Moon. Gemini is a mental sign, but it is very undecided, being mutable. Gemini is of two minds.

Gemini always sees another possibility. You likely second guess yourself endlessly so that even when you know the right way to go, you talk yourself out of it and get lost. And the sixth house is so full of detail that you get lost in the forest of trees, unable to see the bigger picture in order to orient yourself.

All these pieces add up. Not everybody with a seventh house Cancer Sun is going to have a poor sense of direction. But you have just the right combination of qualities that ensure that you grope your way through life. For whatever reason, you have needed that particular challenge, as it helps you to grow. Perhaps you need to work on your intuition more, and stop second guessing yourself. Go with your first feeling, and test it out. Capricorn Rising on your Earth suggests you know better than you think you do, and you are probably better now than you were when you were younger, even if you aren’t aware of a change.


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