Astrology Q&A: predictions of the future

predictionsQ: Do you make predictions in your readings? How can that be accurate if life is not predestined?

A: It is one of the paradoxes of existence, that both free will and fate exist. Using the tools of astrology and tarot, I can foresee a likelihood of change and crisis, but not the specific form it will take. Time flows like a river; but its bends and eddies, rocks and obstacles can be described. Any individual’s journey along that river is up to them, however. It is a dance, with patterns that unfold beautifully and predictably, but at its core it is wild and chaotic, unpredictable.

In mathematics, statistical predictions involving great numbers of people can be astonishingly accurate. We can know that in any given group, a certain percentage will die, a certain percentage will give birth, get rich, lose all their money, trip on a banana peel, etc. The greater the numbers of people, the more accurate the prediction can be. But there is no way to predict what the individuals in a group will experience. On an individual level, we are effectively free.

But if that is so, how can I do a reading and predict anything at all? I do approach predictions very gingerly. I respect the individual’s right to choose, and I believe in free will. Careless predictions have a way of affecting people. Telling people what will come to pass can program them to expect it, so that predictions can actually result in fulfilling themselves. I do not want that power.

I make predictions only of the most general sort. The future is, I believe, always in flux, always subject to change until it becomes the present. In any given moment, there are multiple possibilities, even infinite, and the form the future will take is determined by our choices moment to moment. Nobody can predict that for sure.

But upcoming trends can be foreseen. Saying, “This is, in general, the type of thing you will be dealing with,” can be helpful. Knowing that we are moving into a particular transit situation will help us to make sense of things that might otherwise feel random and purposeless. I can never ‘know’ what the future will bring, but I can create a fairly clear sketch of the trends and tones coming up.

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