Astrology Q&A: Pluto and sex

sexQ: I was told by an astrologer once that I am a very sexual person…he said I have Pluto opposing my Sun…why would that matter?

A: Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, the fixed water sign. ‘Fixed’ means, that is the maximum expression of the element; since water represents feelings and emotions, Scorpio indicates the ability to feel very deeply, very strongly.

Sexuality has different expressions, of course; someone with strong emphasis on air signs, for example, can enjoy lots of sex, but get no more out of it than the joy of connection. Some with a preponderance of earth signs can as well, but go no farther than physical sensations, pleasurable but not necessarily deep, vulnerable or affecting. Fire signs are in it for the fun and drama and playfulness. Water signs feel the strong emotions and mergence possible in lovemaking, and no one feels more strongly than Scorpio.

It can be misleading to say that Scorpios in general are ‘very sexual’ because someone with a strong Scorpio might find sex to be an extremely vulnerable and harrowing experience, depending on their personal history and emotional backlog. Sex is an aspect of the Scorpio archetype, and so is death, so is money, so is agony and ecstasy. Sex has a dark side, and Scorpios of all the signs are familiar with that.

Whatever there is to feel, someone with a strongly emphasized Scorpio, Pluto or 8th House will feel it more deeply and strongly. Depending on other factors in the chart, if for example the Moon is much compromised or in a sign and house not compatible with deep emotion, they may freeze their emotions into ice (a phase of the water element). It may take trauma and many tears to plumb the depths of their sexuality and free up their ability to feel the deep pleasure that Scorpio is capable of.

In your case, however, with Pluto opposing your Sun, you would have Pluto also conjunct your Earth, or physical body and sensation matrix. You feel emotions as physical sensations, and physical sensations flow through you like emotions. It is very likely you are a strongly sexual and sensual person and you find it relatively easy to surrender to the deeply vulnerable mergence that the Scorpio archetype offers, though it is always possible there are other modifying factors in the chart that would affect that. Still, the Earth is a powerful grounding, so it is likely that you are able to experience some extremely intense feelings with comfort and pleasure.

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