Daily card reading: nurturing passion

Mother of Fire

Deck: Vision Quest Tarot

Card reading: Mother of Fire (Queen of Wands)

This is the feminine authority of the fire element, spirit, creative life force. Today, you are on fire with love for those in your care, including your own sweet self. Creativity is hot today, so you may feel like painting, drawing, singing, dancing, whatever your particular expression desires. Keep your home fires burning, make your home a warm and inviting place for yourself and your loved ones.

Fire Mother is a tender of the flame of life. She feeds the fire; she has a pile of fuel beside her, ready to add. You have all the creative resources you need now. Time to act! Fire is action. Moving forward with your visions, or starting a new project you have been nurturing inside for a long time, might be timely now.

Let your family be your inspiration. Your ancestors, your children, your kindred of the spirit, all can add to your personal story and creative expression.

This is a small sample of what you can expect from a card reading, using only a single card. A normal reading I use a minimum of twelve cards, read in layers. Contact me to find out how you can receive your own reading in person or over Skype. Card readings are enlightening and fun!

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