Daily card reading: dreams are real


Deck: the Spiral Path handpainted cards

Card reading: Dreams

It’s not usual to pull the same, or similar in meaning, card from two different decks in sequence, but it’s happened today. This emphasizes the significance of this… life is a dream! It reminds me of a sign I saw on the roadside a couple of years ago. It said, “Dreams R Real! Pass it on!”

The distinction between ‘real’ waking reality and ‘unreal’ dreaming is meaningless to consciousness. As far as our brains are concerned, anything we are experiencing, dream, imagination of actual, is real. Our brains can’t tell the difference. What we experience in dream and imagination is an aspect of our reality, it affects how we feel and what we believe, and can change our choices. A powerful dream is a potent thing.

Dreams are real. Pass it on.


This is a small sample of what you can expect from a card reading, using only a single card. A normal reading I use a minimum of twelve cards, read in layers. Contact me to find out how you can receive your own reading in person or over Skype. Card readings are enlightening and fun!

The Spiral Path deck is my original design, handpainted and unique. You can’t have a copy, but you can get a reading with it!

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