Daily card reading: going within

Winter, cold & distant

Deck: the Spiral Path, handpainted by Bee

Card reading: Winter, cold and distant

This is a day for introspection, to seek the light within, whether that is alone or with groups. Winter is a state of mind, it can happen any time of year. This is not a bad time, but it is more inward than the other seasons; it directs our thoughts and attention inside ourselves and toward other people. Typically in winter, we spend more time indoors with people we care about or alone with ourselves and our thoughts and tasks.

It is a good time to gather together, to play and share music, stories and food. Or, if you are not feeling social, it is a good time to spend time with yourself, catch up on some projects or treat yourself to a hot bath. Winter can also refer to the chillier light of the Moon; and as the Moon is close to full, you might want to go out and spend some time taking in the cool silver magical Moonlight.

Take a break, breathe, feel what is real now. In Winter, distractions fall away and what is essential is revealed.


This is a small sample of what you can expect from a card reading, using only a single card. A normal reading I use a minimum of twelve cards, read in layers. Contact me to find out how you can receive your own reading in person or over Skype. Card readings are enlightening and fun!


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