Astrology Q&A: why the Sun sign?


Q: Why is the Sun sign so important, when there are so many other planets in the chart? Why have horoscopes gotten so popular when it talks about only the Sun’s sign?

A: The Sun is the light that lights our lives, it represents our conscious goals and desires, our core identity, that which we most strongly strive to become. The Sun represents our primary bias, what to us is so very obvious that we become indignant when others do not agree with them. The Sun is a heavyweight, it is the centre of the Solar System and of our selves. The only thing as important as the Sun is the Earth, the ground we stand on and the bodies we experience existence through.

Horoscope columns are popular because everybody can identify with their own Sun sign, whether or not they believe in astrology. They are a convenient shortcut, an introduction to astrology, but (as a writer of horoscopes) I believe they should not be taken too seriously, as there can be important factors that affect and mitigate one’s Sun sign expression.

For example, a planet conjunct the Sun add qualities represented by the conjuncting planet. An Aries Sun conjunct Venus is softer and more sensitive to the need for balance, more aware of the existence and importance of others, than a typical Aries Sun might be. A Taurus Sun conjunct Jupiter will be more adventurous, expansive and philosophical than a typical Taurus Sun. Other factors such as progressions of the Sun will change us over time, as well. We are complex beings with a lot of layers.

Even so, most people will recognize themselves in any reasonably accurate description of the qualities of their Sun Sign; that is how dominant the Sun sign is. And horoscopes are fun.



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