Astrology Q&A: death chart

Leon death compositeThis is the first in a series of posts answering peoples astrological questions. This one is for my Mom, for my stepfather Leon, who died in April.

Q: Can you do a chart for my loved one’s death?

A: Yes! To get a sense of the passage of a loved one, ie, where they went, how it feels to them now, what their next destination might be, I cast a composite (blended) chart between their natal chart and the chart for the time and place of their passing.

This (click for an enlarged version) is a very striking chart. Scorpio Rising indicates that he is finished as a personality. He, the individual, has surrendered his identity and merged with a greater Whole. At the same time, there is a strongly energetic stellium in Aries (sign of birth, emergence of individuality from the Void) indicating that the person who had been Leon Ray has been reborn immediately, as a brand new being.

I say ‘being’ rather than ‘person,’ as the stellium occupies the 6th House. This house is the home of the mutable earth element. ‘Mutable’ indicates changeable, adaptive, the point of shift and evolution within the earth element. The biosphere, the ever changing, adaptive living world of nature belongs in this house. As Leon was a profound lover of nature who believed that (in his words) ‘Nature is smarter than people,’ this suggests that he has chosen to be reborn into the natural world.

It is somewhat of a cliché to say of a passed loved one that ‘they live on in the wind, the growing things, the birds on the wing,’ but in Leon’s case it appears to be exactly so. And this is what he most desired at the moment of his passing.

Moon in Libra conjunct Pluto and Earth in the 12th House indicates his deepest desires (Moon) were to surrender utterly (Pluto) to the love (Libra) of the great sea of dreams (12th House), in the form of the physical body of the planet (Earth). This combined with the full Aries stellium in the 6th House indicates that he moved seamlessly into the quantum circuitry of nature, the nuts and bolts of physical existence so to speak. He did not desire to not exist—he desired to dissolve into the Earth and to become one with his beloved natural world.

Jupiter (divine luck) in its own 9th House in Cancer (the Moon’s sign) conjunct the Cancer North Node (destiny path) indicates that he chose his moment very well, to be granted his true deepest desire. And any who love him and look for him need only turn to the ground underfoot and take a walk in nature, anywhere in the world, because he is here, he really is, all around. Venus represents the Goddess of Love; Venus in her own house (the 7th) and the sign she co-rules with Earth (Taurus, the body of the planet) suggests that his love can embrace any who embrace their natural senses.

Saturn, indicating his unfinished business in this world, is in the 2nd House, home of the Earth herself, in the sign Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. His unfinished business is strong, and physical, and very real. He is here, bonded with the Earth, in the most practical and spiritual of ways. He has work to do, simply with his presence. He has chosen to marry his spirit to the planet, not for a purpose, simply because it is necessary and right.

The mandala of aspects in this chart is very balanced looking and beautifully expansive, with a powerful intention and integrity. The strongest focus is on the Aries stellium in the 6th; so despite the Scorpio ascendant (appearance), this is a chart of potent aliveness, or rebirth, rather than death. Leon’s spirit lives on, tangibly, in an energetic childlike dance through the myriad small bits of life that compose the biosphere of the planet. He is not obvious in the great things, but in the small; these were the things that mattered to him, that matter to him now. There is great power in this chart. He chose his time very well indeed. This chart suits him impeccably, as any who knew him well can attest.

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