Daily card reading: the singer and the song

The Song

Deck: the Heart of the Faeries Oracle

Card reading: The song vibrates and unites the universe, for all things are vibratory in nature. When we are attuned with the song, we are attuned to everything, we are incapable of making mistakes. The dance is driven by the song, and when we listen and follow the rhythm and melody, our dance feels right and is right.

The song and the dance are one. When we feel the song animating our beings, our bodies respond and we move in the direction and in the timing that is right for us now, in the present moment. The song is deeper and stronger than mere instinct, it is attunement (at-onement), direct connection to the divine source of the music.

Today, the song is in your heart and all of Nature is singing along. Everyone you meet is part of the music. Step forward letting the dance decide; there is no need to figure it out mentally (in fact, that just gets in the way).


This is just a small sample of what you can expect from a card reading, using a single card. A normal reading uses a minimum of twelve cards, read in layers. Contact me to find out how you can receive your own reading, in person or over Skype. Card readings are enlightening and fun!

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