Daily card reading: oh, THAT Gnome!

wpid-20150420_105900-1.jpgCard reading: Sometimes random accidents befall us, but in hindsight they seem to be purposeful and to our benefit. Who is responsible for such? Oh… that Gnome!

That Gnome is a trickster, but he is a beneficent one who has your best interest in mind. Beware, though, he has no respect for dignity and loves a good joke at your expense. Often he can be heard cackling in the shadows while you dust yourself off, just before you notice that you have just stumbled (been tripped?) into a pile of exactly what you had been looking for.

Don’t be too quick to judge that whatever has happened is ‘bad’ (or even ‘good’); that Gnome works in very mysterious ways. He does not necessarily help you as you would wish to be helped, or toward the goals that you think you seek. He has his own ideas based on his information behind the scenes, about what you actually do need, and what your destiny path truly is. His ‘accidents’ can take you off a path you were on and onto a better one, but you may not yet realize that it is for your own good.


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