Aries New Moon: Daily card reading


The Queen of Owls – brings healing & blessing

A whisper of Divine Grace brings healing, blessing & release now. Trust can be born from mistrust when we expose, express and fully inhabit our pain while simultaneously opening to help from outside ourselves.

Help will come when you least expect it when you really open to your true vulnerability. Release the need to control the situation; you don’t have to be strong all the time. Know that you are safe, even as you accept your feelings of pain and fear and allow them to vibrate in your body.

You have a direct line to all the help you need right now. It needn’t come from another person or institution, though it can, if that is the direction of hope for you. Help can emerge from your own centre, rising like life into a void, rescuing you from your plight. This is true empowerment.

Note: I have been posting daily single-card readings on social media for a couple of months now, rotating between decks of cards each day. As the Aries New Moon is today, an auspicious time for new beginnings, I am sharing these mini readings with my blog audience. I hope you enjoy them.

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