April Horoscope

Down-to-Earth Astrology
by Bee Wolf Ray

Humans are complex and cannot be reduced to twelve separate categories. For best results, read this column holistically, as if every sign pertained to some aspect of yourself (as it does).

Our mood this month is cautiously optimistic, heavy on the caution. We are stepping carefully into spring, feeling slightly bruised, a bit bouncy but keeping our feet firmly on the ground. We are determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past, but also wary as we have experienced how easily we have done so. Our eyes have been opened, we remember too much. Still, we stop to smell the flowers, we breathe the breath of springtime, we rejoice in life’s re-awakening after the long dark.

The wounds of the past have re-opened, the light has entered the darkness just enough to reveal what has occurred in secrecy and it is not pleasant to know what we now know. However, our hearts remain open to hope and love, and we dream of truth, justice, balance and blessing.

April 1 chartApril Horoscope

Aries: Your energy is strong, you feel deeply, you are determined yet daunted. You won’t give up (you are incapable), but life feels really hard. Keep your feet on the ground, one step at a time.

Taurus: You are blessed by spring, despite challenges, you are not oppressed. You know the problems but your heart is lifted by the sunshine and growing things. You dream big and work the garden.

Gemini:  Only the memory of having been through worse sustains you now. A great weight is on your mind, the depths seem bottomless. But you bounce back, see the bright side, & remember.

Cancer: Emotions are stored in your cells now, & you are uplifted by dreams of truth and wholeness. Take care of your body, eat well, get a massage. Meditate on your sensations, feel & discern.

Leo: You are vulnerable, permeable, yet protected and guided. Your faith is strong! You know the right thing, but can be confused about the form. When you relax and allow, all is well.

Virgo: It’s time for a fresh start. You feel called to serve the planet in community-oriented ways. You feel soothed in old wounds, dreaming of wholeness. What was, can be again.

Libra: It’s manifestation time. What you knew was possible has become real. Your heart is whole, your life is balance. What has not found fulfillment remains in potential. Dreams are real.

Scorpio:  You see all sides of the issues, right to the bottom, including and weighing both sides. Your focus is split; you feel empathy for those you disagree with. It’s ok not to be certain.

Sagittarius:  You are serious about what you believe. You have a task, to speak the word to the world, but you feel vulnerable. What if no one believes? It only matters that you do. Stay grounded.

Capricorn: You are determined and hesitant, humble and proud. Paradox is the way. Integrate the opposing sides, find the wholeness that unites them. In this way, you right the wrongs.

Aquarius: Your vision is coloured by memory. You feel breakable, not invincible. It makes you realize the same is true for others. You are called to take care, to listen, to serve.

Pisces: Your dreams are colourful, creative and bright. Enjoy them, allow without controlling, this is the path to manifesting beauty and truth. Paint with many colours, sing out.

Remember, horoscopes columns are for fun! A natal chart is wonderfully deep, complex and individual.  I am available for real readings via Skype or in person. Contact me!



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