march horoscope

Down-to-Earth Astrology
by Bee Wolf Ray

Humans are complex and cannot be reduced to twelve separate categories. For best results, read this column holistically, as if every sign pertained to some aspect of yourself (as it does).

March Horoscope:

The collective mood is a bit confused now. Emotions are strong, and empathy is easier than it has been. But there are deep contradictions as we are called to manage the paradoxes of the human psyche. We may feel agitated for no reason, reacting from old habits and outdated information. When this happens, we regret our behavior but feel confused about how to change it. We tend to view life pessimistically, yet we also cling to faith that it is all going to turn okay. We trust authority figures blindly, because they seem to know what they are talking about and we are so uncomfortable with our fears and uncertainties.

Uncomfortable times! How can we expect others to agree with us when we aren’t certain we even agree with ourselves? Our internal contradictions have never been so apparent, and though we are hard on those around us, we are just as hard on ourselves. We need to soften our judgments and relax the standards we try to hold ourselves and others to.

Aries: You are facing the mirror of your own flaws, and that is horribly uncomfortable. You want to escape but there is no place to go. Remember you aren’t alone, you have love now.
Taurus: You are working hard, and it’s a struggle. It seems everybody wants to argue with you, but you know what you are doing; sometimes it seems you’re the only one who does. Persevere!

Gemini:  You are facing a dark truth with painful clarity. You can sustain this level of awareness, though you aren’t always sure of that. Keep breathing, and write; it is your best tool now.

Cancer: The pain you feel is ecstasy when you feel it deeply. Allow the emotions to flow freely and light and clarity will uplift you beyond your prior limits. This is a gift; open to receive it.

Leo: You know the pains and confusions of the world, they flow through you in waves. Let go your limitations and the sea will lift you up in joy. It’s okay to be happy when others are sad!

Virgo: You are vibrating like a plucked guitar string, torn between the urge to do something, anything! and the need to behave impeccably. You will make mistakes; that’s how you grow.

Libra: You feel stuck in old behavior patterns of impulse and reaction. You could jump out of your own skin, but the ground has a hold on you. Your dream beckons from far away; be here now.

Scorpio:  You have the feeling of knowing the answers now, but every answer has an opposite that is also true. What is the point? Keep your eyes in front of you and open up to others opinions.

Sagittarius:  Your faith is deep and emotional, and your certainty is strong. This feels good, but it’s important to keep your feet on the ground, the real bottom line. Luck is with you!

Capricorn: You feel clear and uplifted, yet it’s not easy to express what you know. Others oppose you for reasons you don’t understand. Let your growth be slow, baby steps will get you there.

Aquarius: One step forward, two steps back. Haven’t we sung this song before? Approach the tedium of routine as if it were fresh and new, and it will be. Hold the vision and do the chores.

Pisces: If only you could be an innocent child again. Well guess what—you are! When you play and be spontaneous in the moment, life is simple and sweet, and love blossoms around you.

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March 1 2015


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