Leo Full Moon: the joy of authentic feeling

Lion-King-Full-MoonThe Moon is full February 3rd at 3:09 pm PST. The Leo Full Moon rides high and proud in the sky, like a dancer on a cosmic stage. So, as well, do our emotions ride high! We feel what we feel with drama and passion. It’s a time to dare to dream and desire BIG. Express your true feelings fully and freely, without regard for who is in the audience—this Moon is about YOU, pure expression of self. Even alone, you should have the most important audience of all: your own full attention.

In Leo, emotion runs the range from sadness, fear and anger to upliftment, joy and bliss. In Leo, we find a way to love them all. Joy comes easily in Leo, but darker emotions can be expressed too, with drama, creativity and flair. Leo lets us discover the pure pleasure of creative emotional expression. On this night, play as a child does, with abandon; abandon your pretenses, your inhibitions, your self-consciousness, and enjoy the you that is when you are not trying to edit or please.

Leo is a performer, yes, but it is not a pretender. What we feel and express on this Moon is our own authentic emotion imbued with creative light. We discover how we truly feel only by expressing it fully and releasing the blocks and conditions we normally impose. Leo is too big and bright to be controlled, and we hurt ourselves to try. If you have strong Leo in your chart, let this Moon serve you in opening even further to your core authentic passion for life. If your Leo is not strong, still you have Leo somewhere, and you have a Sun (the ruler of Leo). As much as any Leo, you can release and play with your inner child. Try it! You might love it.

If you are despondent on this Moon, let yourself dramatize and amplify your emotion (and don’t call it wallowing!), and appreciate your own performance. Be moved! Let yourself respond as if you sat in the audience during a performance that is raw, real and powerful. This is the most direct path to the great love of self which is Leo’s true forte.

This is not a time to bundle in your room under blankets. This is a time to venture out, to prowl, to howl, to play. Lift your hands and heart to the bright Queen of the night as she gifts you with an uplifted soul and illuminates your hiding places.

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