Forecast for 2015

Forecast for 2015: This coming year marks a pivotal turning point in the social and emotional evolution of humanity, and will have profound ripple effects upon each of us as individuals. I predict that we will find ourselves settling to earth, as individuals and collectively, realizing with fresh humility just how badly we depend upon our physical matrix, this Earth. The Pluto-Uranus square, which represents the next major social evolution since the Sixties, when Pluto and Uranus were conjunct, is very close, only 34 minutes from exact. This will be a crisis year for the revolution which was conceived during the conjunction. We have the potential to effect radical, root-level systemic change, but we have to personify the change. In other words, we must each be the change we wish to see in the world.

The chart 

Year 2015

Fasten your seat belts! The huge stellium in the fourth house in Capricorn, now that is weighty and serious indeed.

There is no room for apathy this year. Overconfidence, however, is a clear and present danger, and also a potentially amazing opportunity. We are in greatest peril of blundering ahead, assuming everything is just fine, distracting ourselves with complex, idealistic visions of precisely how fine it all is and how much better everything is getting, getting lost in brightly coloured, techno-logic playgrounds of the mind while stoically denying how deeply frightened we are. Secretly, we suspect—we know in our species’ guts—things are only fine on the surface, and if we don’t change our ways, nothing will ever be fine again. This year, we are driven by powerful imperatives. The chart features a very strong opposition, fixed in both sign and house, between 11th House Leo Jupiter and 5th House Aquarius Mars. Amazing collective courage, faith and vision! Yes! We believe!

This is the dawning of the Age of, you know how the song goes. And it will be and feel wonderful a lot of the time; a fire-air Jupiter-Mars opposition between the 5th-11th houses is about as much fun as we can have all together. Fun and shared communal experiences will be sought and found; people are going to draw together and share information and experience in creatively exuberant ways. We will have some wild, spirited, creative sharing times!

It will be awesome in so many ways. And yet, there is friction and strain, reflected by the 8th House Taurus Moon squaring the Jupiter-Mars opposition. A square generates friction, it is uncomfortable. It commands change. If change is avoided, situations escalate and become intolerable. Historically, wars break out to resolve this kind of tension, but war only acts out friction, it does not provide relief.

I believe that humanity is ready to evolve beyond war. In this chart, I see evidence that the global body of our species is learning that we truly are all the same inside, humans, regardless of our language; our shared species-hood is a bond. In the meantime, we are riddled by shame, we regret bitterly the evils we deemed necessary but that also damn our souls in consequence. We bear a terrible collective burden. As a species, we daily cause irreparable harm to the world around us. We are a race of mad scientists, raving with glee as we vivisect the world. Every factory farm is a festering sore in our hearts and minds, whether we eat meat or we do not. Every starving, suffering, abused child scars our shared psyche all over again. Some of us are aware of our shame; some of us are not. Culturally, we teeter on the brink of collective mortification. But our determination to evolve runs deep.

This is shown by that 4th house (emotional) stellium (gathering of power) in Capricorn (serious hard work, responsibility, discipline). It is time that we stand on the ground of our true self, and be that. Each of us has a role to play, and a personal map of our pathway through these times of change. We are evolving out of an age when we could pretend that there is only one kind of human being. This coming year is a time to feel deeply, to master our emotions with open minds and eyes.

Emotional mastery does not mean controlling emotions, but instead, taking full responsibility for them. Mastery comes when we undertake a personal inventory of our past wrongs, to explore our memories and milk the emotional power from them, release our emotional hold on those experiences. We best do this by simple expression of emotions in sound and movement, without imposing mental judgments or controls, and following our body’s emotional impulses exactly. If we feel the need to cry, exaggerate the feeling. Howl it. Emotional energy is a real thing, it can be released this way. Do it in groups. Grieve our stupidity, our excesses, which we all share. There is no point blaming ‘them,’ for what humanity has done; there is no ‘them.’ There is only us, and what we have allowed and chosen.

It will be a year of crises, there is no avoiding that. Habits, routines and comfort zones will be dropped, messed with and uncomfortably expanded, all to the good ultimately. But we’ll have fun


4 comments for “Forecast for 2015

  1. mom
    December 22, 2014 at 4:55 am

    wow, I see and hear this type of conversation a lot lately; people talking about food going to waste while others are starving- that sort of thing. Love what you write from the interpretations that you do- kinda proud of you my dear! love mom

    • bee
      December 22, 2014 at 7:51 am

      Thanks Mom 🙂

  2. December 30, 2014 at 6:45 pm

    very impressive bee; love the feel of it all… Though I do not have your particulars for the “M” Arts, I too have a sense the coming year may produce some positive co-agulative changes. There’s little time left. I have been working on several fronts, reaching out, and sharing online with a number of ‘movement/causes’. Our determination to overcome the general malaise of apathy and sense of futility may win out. All the best…./Jan

  3. nothermom
    December 31, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    Thank you for this. It is all stuff I wanted to hear.

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