Working with paradox: inequality and personal growth

To maximise your personal growth potential and decrease inequality, understand the importance of paradox and the role of denial.

For every truth, there is an equal and opposite truth. Every desire spontaneously generates an equal and opposite desire. Every pleasure enjoyed precedes a pendulum swing toward pain. Every body’s evil is someone else’s good. What’s funny to one person seems cruel to another, and vise versa.

Every reality generates its mirror. Your happiness can be the cause for somebody else’s horror, your horror, someone else’s happiness.

The answer: stop fixating so much on being happy and avoiding horror. Cry, scream, release emotional energy generated by paradox. Become willing to be less happy without settling for less than what you really want. Lighten your horrors with humour. Learn how to let things go.

When we own all of ourselves, we have no more equals or opposites; we are unique.

When we fully own ourselves, we can expand our definition of truth to include others viewpoints, recognise the consequences of our desires, understand that denial of desire is not a viable option, and respect the autonomy of all other beings.

Inequality is the consequence of denial, simply put. But the process is not at all simple or easy to understand. When I deny certain feelings, the emotional energy has to go someplace. If I am fixated on only being happy, then my naturally triggered feelings of unhappiness (from past trauma, or present disappointments) have noplace to go. Emotional energy is real! This energy will find a home in the vulnerable ones who carry much more than their load of unhappiness.

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