the problem with scientific studies

You’ve probably seen the recent glut of sensational headlines in the media proclaiming that non-celiac gluten sensitivity is some kind of widespread collective delusion—simply a figment of the imagination of anyone who claims to experience it.

The above article makes an excellent point. Scientific studies love to isolate a single molecule or ingredient (in this case, isolated gluten) and come to sweeping, broad conclusions about everybody based on that. What does it prove that isolated gluten didn’t cause sensitivity in a subsection of people with IBS? Nothing! Every body is different.

This study showed that for people with IBS on a low FODMAP diet, eating isolated gluten does not cause symptoms. But one might ask: who cares? Do you eat isolated, purified gluten? Do you know anyone who does? I doubt it. People eat wheat—not gluten. And as both this study and numerous other studies have demonstrated, there are several components of wheat other than gluten that cause problems.

The lesson is, listen to your body. What works for one person does not necessarily work for another. Your body is unique, special, yours. Learn to listen to its promptings, and let it be your guide and teacher.

My sense is, if you feel a sensitivity to gluten or anything else, trust your body. It’s *your* body, after all.


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