Scorpio Full Moon – time to go deep

Well dears, it’s the Scorpio Full Moon today. Go deep! Yes it’s a beautiful sunny day; still, within your own body and skin is the entire universe of ecstasy and torment… yes it is that extreme, it’s Scorpio! If you are intrepid enough, it is an excellent time to dive in and imagine the suffering ones, the slaves, the victims, the farmed and used and oppressed ones, the war torn children, imagine what it is like to be them. Feel the emotions, wail and cry (if you can). And imagine what it would take to free them, to change the world, to release their bonds… the doors open wide, the sunshine come in, fresh air, warmth, help, rescue and succor arriving, freeing them from pain and suffering. Home at last, forever home. Feel how that feels.

At the same time (yes you are big enough, and it is a big world) imagine the beauty, the pleasure, the triumphs and joys and ecstasies of life. Your heart’s desire! What is it? Orgasms and love and bonding and success and adventure and deep warm contained safe expanding deepening love and pleasure. How does that feel? Vibrate those feelings, hold them. Imagine those feelings belonging to the hurting and suffering ones, bring them together in your heart, introduce them, let them exchange energy. The pleasures and pains, when united, can become ecstasy.

If it doesn’t happen right away, or if you can’t get there, don’t worry about it. Scorpio does not respond quickly, it is a fixed sign, and its ruler, Pluto, takes 240 years to complete its cycle. But every little bit, every emotion released, every envisioned healing, will help. And treat yourself kindly in the midst of it. You are good enough, you are amazing and strong and vital and powerful. And you are great enough to contain it all. Believe it, fear it isn’t true, yes you contain contradictions and paradoxes.

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